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Long term car rental

We offer long term car rental services. Our car park consists from economy to premium cars. All of our offered cars are made later than 2017. Long torm car rental can be chosen both by individuals and companies. Your car can already be picked up today!

Long term car rental service is for:

-Who wants to have their own car without having any longterm financial responsabilities
       • We do not require any initial payments or any other additional fees. Car rental prices is the final price which You will have to pay before the start of every new month.

-Who does not want any additional costs which arise from daily usage of a car
       • All the required insurances, car servicing, tire change and tire costs are included in the prices.
       • We also provide road assistance service and a free alternate car when Your rental one is unavailable to use.

- Who does not want to have any contractual obligations. Rental agreement can be terminated at any given time. long term car rental – most flexible choice to have a car!



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