How to find out what cars do we have, what their price is according to the desired period and how to book it?
You can see all the rental options available to you by selecting the desired rental period on our home page. 
What to do if I'm going to be late to pick up the car?
In case of a delay, please inform the Car Owner. You can do this by writing a message through the Platform or by calling the Owner directly.
What are the payment options?
Allowed payment options are VISA credit/debit and Mastercard credit/debit cards. Payment information is saved when creating Your ADCRent account.
Do you need more than 2 years of driving experience to rent a car?
ADCRent cars: There are no restrictions regarding driving experience for cars owned by ADCRent.

Individual Car Owners: Cars owned by individual Car Owners have the ability to set a minimum age and driving experience requirement for renting their car, which you will see when pressing on a car in the search menu.
How do I contact the Car Owner or the Driver?
You can contact the Car Owner or the Driver of the car by clicking on their reservation box. 24 hours before the start of the booking, by clicking on the booking box, you will see the phone number of the Car Owner or Driver of the car.
Will I really get the exact car that I orderd?
Cars with Or similiar next to them means that you will receive a similiar class vehicle to the car depicted in the picture and description. Cars without the red indicator means you will receive the exact car in the picture.
Are there any additional charges for renting without driving experience?
ADCRent cars: There are no additional charges for renting out a vehicle without having a driving experience for more than 2 years.

Individual Car Owners: Car owners have the ability to decide the age and driving experience standards, that apply no addition costs to the Driver.
What are the deposit and damage laibilities?
This is the amount we have to freeze from your bank account when you pick up the car and it depends on the class of the rental car;
If there is new damage to your car during the rental period, the deposit will be used to compensate the damage. To freeze the deposit, it is necessary to have a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card (or debit card, but only if you have chosen an ADCRent car and SUPER EASY insurance) on behalf of the car renter. The numbers and letters on the front of the card must be prominent. Virtual or other cards for deposit freezing are not accepted.
For how long is the deposit frozen?
The deposit is refunded within 3 working days from the end of the reservation. However, the "un-freezing" procedure may take longer, depending on your bank. In case you still see a "frozen" deposit, we suggest contacting the bank servicing your account.
What is SUPER EASY insurance?
SUPER EASY insurance.
This is an additional insurance that ADCRent offers.
In the event of new damages, your liability for damages is reduced to EUR 0.
Full SUPER EASY insurance reduces the deposit to 0 EUR and allows the deposit to be frozen via a debit card. (Except when it is stated otherwise when choosing the desired rental car on the website)
Full SUPER EASY insurance offers roadside assistance services in Lithuania.
Without additional insurance, your liability for the damages is limited from € 200 to € 1,500 depending on the car class.

What are the cancleling rules when renting a car?
You can cancel your reservation free of charge more than 24 hours before the start of the reservation. In that case, the Driver is refunded in full.

If the Driver cancels a reservation with less than 24 hours left until the start and the total booking period is equal to or less than three days, the Driver is subject to a penalty equal to the full amount paid by the Driver. The fine is deducted from the amounts paid by the Driver's platform, therefore the Driver does not have to pay anything extra.

If the Driver cancels the reservation with less than 24 hours left until the start and the total reservation period is longer than three days, the Driver is subject to a penalty equal to the amount paid by the Driver's Platform for three days. The fine is deducted from the amounts paid to the Driver's Platform, so the Driver does not have to pay anything extra. The amount paid by the Driver for the fourth, fifth and all subsequent days from the duration of the reservation is refunded to the Driver.
Are the tires properly handeld during winter?
Yes, during the winter, all rental cars have winter or off-season tires.
Who should I adress if I want to extend my reservation?
If you haven't created your profile, create one by pressing on the link in your confirmation email. Then press on "My reservations", select your reservation, and press on "Extend reservation".
Where can I travel with the car rental?
ADCRent cars: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. There are no border crossing fee. Leaving the territories of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Poland is strictly forbidden. A fine of EUR 1000 is applied when leaving Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or Poland.

Individual Car Owners: Cars Owners can select to which countries Drivers can travel. Leaving the countries selected by the Owners is strictly forbidden and will result in a fine which is selected by the Owner: 0 EUR, 100 EUR, 500 EUR or 1000 EUR.
Where can you pick up and/or leave the rented car?
Pick-up and drop-off location is indicated at the time of car reservation. Also, the car owner can deliver the car at an additional cost. You will only see this option if the Owner offers car delivery service.
I rented a car. How do I get an invoice?
The invoice is automatically sent to the e-mail specified by the customer within 24 hours from the end of your car rental reservation.
How do I rent a car?
The car can only be booked on our website www.adcrent.com.
How can I delete my account and all information associated to it?
If you wish to delete your account, please, write an email to info@adcrent.com from email. which you use to login into ADCRent.com website.