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Driver guide


Before making your first car reservation from ADCRent, you must first register. To register you will need to:

1. Confirm your email address and mobile phone number;
2. Upload your profile photo and indicate your residential address;
3. Submit an identity document (passport or identity card) and a valid driver's license;
4. Provide a photo of your face to verify the authenticity of your documents;
5. Enter your payment card details.

Car Sharing

Searching for a car

To rent a car from ADCRent, you need:

1. Select the desired pick-up / return location, date and time;
2. Select the desired car. Below you will see the technical features of the car and the rental conditions;
3. Check the pick-up and drop-off location of the car. Your car rental pick-up and drop-off location will take place at the location specifiied location. If the Owner has added other possible pick-up and drop-off locations, you will be able to choose the most convenient pick-up and drop-off location for you from the list provided;
4. Select the desired insurance package. You will be insured against newly committed damage to your car for the entire reservation period, according to the terms of the selected insurance;
5. Review and check all the details of the reservation again and if the order meets your wishes - confirm it;
6. Wait for the car owner to confirm your reservation. You do not need to do anything extra, the car owner is notified of the new reservation request automatically;
7. In rare cases, the car owner might cancel your reservation. In the event of such a situation, please understand, it is probable that some unforeseen circumstances have occurred and the car owner is no longer able to rent you a car. By repeating the above points, you can instantly book another car.


Congratulations! Your first reservation has been confirmed. What to do next?

1. We will inform you about the reservation confirmation by e-mail. by mail. If you do not receive any notification, be sure to check the SPAM folder;
2. Once your reservation is confirmed, you can contact the car owner by sending them a message via the car reservation window;
3. Meet with the car owner at the pick-up location at the exact start of the rental. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, be sure to immediately inform the car owner that you will be delayed and indicate a preliminary time when you will be able to arrive;
4. The signing of the contract and the issuance of the reservation must be initiated by the car owner of the car;
4. The car owner who initiated the car transfer will tell you the PIN code you will need to enter in your account. After entering the PIN code, the car acceptance procedure will start;
5. During the car acceptance procedure, you will have to thoroughly inspect the car, indicate the odometer data, fuel level, mark any additional damage to the car, if any. Don't worry, the whole procedure is really simple, clear and fast. All you have to do is follow the on-screen "step by step" process and provide the requested information and / or photos;
6. After filling in all the required information, wait until the car owner approves it;
7. Congratulations, your reservation has successfully started once the information has been confirmed by the car owner. Your default deposit will be frozen shortly after your payment card is issued;
8. Make sure the status of the car in the reservation page on your account has changed to "issued to driver". This status means you’ve done everything right and you can start your trip;
9. Keep in mind that if you have any questions about your car, you can ask them directly to the car owner through your account.


What to do at the end of the reservation period?

1. Meet with the car owner. The intended place of return of the car is the same as the place of issue, unless you have agreed otherwise with the car owner;
2. The return of the car must be initiated by you from your reservation window;
3 Once you have initiated the return of the car, the car owner will need to finalize the return of the car from his reservation window by clicking on the red button.
4. Allow the car owner to inspect the car thoroughly. If the car owner finds new damages during the rental period, please continue to follow the violation guide (see the violation guide);
5. After the car owner has inspected the car, you will see the inspection report in your reservation window. Please read it and, if you agree, confirm it;
6. Congratulations! After you confirm the odometer data provided by the car owner, the fuel level and new violations, if any, the car is considered successfully returned and the reservationl is completed.
Be responsible - respect the car owners car

Use the car owners car as your own, take care of it and return it to the car owner in the same condition as you took it. Car owners will be able to leave feedback about you and the feedback will be visible to other car owners if you make a rental reservation for their car in the future. Car owners see your rating in the system before confirming a car reservation and have the right not to confirm your reservation.