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Registration of an individual activity

1. Go to www.vmi.lt.

2. Press on Prisijungti > Mano VMI. Unfortunately „Mano VMI“ does not have an English version moving forward from this step.

3. Log in using your preferred method.

4. Press on "Paslaugos".

5. Press on "Užsisakyti paslaugą"

6. Press on "Verslo liudijimai / individuali veikla / kontaktiniai ir kiti registriniai duomenys".

7. Select "Individualios veiklos registravimas / nutraukimas, mokesčių mokėtojo kontakinių duomenų tvarkymas à Individualios veiklos registravimas / nutraukimas".

8. Select "Individualios veiklos registravimas / nutraukimas" and press "Toliau".

9. Fill in your home address and press "Toliau".

10. Fill in your electronic communication details and click "Toliau".

11. Fill in the activity number "771100 Automobilių ir lengvųjų variklinių transporto priemonių nuoma ir išperkamoji nuoma", then press "Saugoti" and then "Toliau".

12. Press "Pridėti eilutę" and choose "Gyventojai, vykdantys individualią veiklą". Press "Saugoti" and then "Toliau".

13. Choose "Pridėti". Press on "Sutampta su nurodyta gyvenamąja vieta Lietuvoje". Enter the place of you activity (this may be the place where you will hand over the car to the Driver so you can enter „Home“ here). Click "Toliau".

14. If you manage the accounting yourself, you do not need to complete this section. If the records will be completed by your representative, then provide the details of the representative. Click "Toliau".

15. If you do not have any additional documents to add, press "Toliau".

16. Review the completed applicaiton. When you are sure that all the documents and information are correct, click "Patvirtinti" at the bottom.

17. In the e-mail you used to register to “Mano VMI”, you will receive an email in the mail about the sucessful registration of an individual activity.