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Car owner guide



Before you can upload your car to ADCRent, you must first register. To register you will need to:

1. Confirm your email address and mobile phone number;
2. Submit an identity document (passport or identity card);
3. Indicate the form of the activity. Available options are:
(a) Certificate of individual activity. If you have withdrawn the individual activity certificate, we will ask you to provide its number and a copy;
b) GPM payer. The simplest and easiest form of doing business. You will simply need to indicate the amount of income earned during the reporting year in your annual income statement.
4. Indicate your bank account number to which the funds will be transferred;
5. Provide a photo of your face to verify the authenticity of your documents.


Car Sharing

Uploading the car to ADCRent

To upload your car to ADCRent, you must: 
1. Indicate the cars registration number;
1.1 Provide the cars technical passport, civil insurance, and registration certificate. 
2. Provide information about the car, such as: make, model, year of manufacture, gearbox, and the type of fuel.
3. We advise you to indicate all the additional equipment or features of your car, briefly describe your car. When choosing what drivers to accept, they might give preference to more generous or more exclusive cars;
4. Provide photos of the car (see the photo guide). We require a minimum of 3 photos (45 degrees from the front of the car, 45 degrees from the back of the car and the inside of the car), but we recommend that you add as many as possible (up to 10). Try to persuade drivers in renting your car;
5. Specify the location of your car. 
6. Enter the standard daily rental price. Later you will be able to change it as
many times as you want. You will also be able to apply various discounts, and change the daily rental price for each day separately.
7. Select the minimum and maximum rental period time and the minimum
amount of time before the reservation can be started. We advise you not to choose a
short period (1-3 hours) if after the Driver has reserved your car, you will not be
able to meet him immediately and hand over the car;
8. Read the rules and if you agree with them - upload the car to ADCRent!
9. Congratulations, your car is already visible to your future drivers and they can already rent it! But, we recommend doing a few more things before your first reservation;
10. Go to the "My Cars" menu and select the car you have just created and uploaded.
11. Use the menu on the left and select "Car Condition" to enter all damage to your vehicle and photos of it. This is very important for a fast and fair process of issuing a car to the driver. We emphasize once again that according to our rules, you must keep the information about car damages and known problems up to date. By agreeing to our rules, you agree to abide by them, and non-compliance may result in penalties or even a ban on your use of ADCRent Services in the future. Detailed information on the size and type of damage that must be 
recorded as a damage can be found in the car damage guide.
12. We recommend that you select more locations from which the driver can pick up your car at an additional cost by selecting "Location and delivery". Drivers especially appreciate the possibility to pick up the car at Vilnius Airport or in the center of Vilnius. If you live nearby, consider the possibility to indicate these places as a possible pick-up point. In other cities, train or bus stations could also be acceptable and driver-considered alternatives to car retrieval.
13. You may specify other additional services that you would provide to drivers for an additional fee. You can see the full list of additional services by selecting "Additional services".
14 If you want to insure and not risk anything while your car is working for you, you can choose one of the protection packages offered (see "Protection").
Your first reservation. What to do next?
1. You will receive a notification about the car reservation with the contacts you have specified.
2. Try to review the reservation details and confirm or reject them as soon as possible after receiving the notification. As long as your car is reserved, it will not be visible to other drivers, and the drivers who made the reservation may not rent your car for a long time through other channels. It takes up to 2 minutes to review and confirm / reject your booking information, so don't risk losing customers by delaying!
3. Less than 24 hours left before the start of the rental, you will start to see the drivers contact information and you will be able to contact him. The drivers will also be able to contact you during this period so be active and do not leave the driver in the dark if they have any questions about your car.
4. Meet with the driver at your car at the exact start time of the rental. Don't be late. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, be sure to inform the driver immediately to delay and indicate the estimated time when you will be able to arrive.
5. The signing of the contract and the issuance of the reservation must be initiated by you, the car owner. You can do this from the reservation window and by clicking on the red "Initiate car issue" button. We recommend choosing electronic contract signing.
6. When you initiate the start of the reservation, you will receive information that you now have to take a picture of the car from four angles, put in the current mileage of the car, mark the missing damages, if any, and the current fuel level. Don't worry, the whole procedure is really simple, clear and fast. All you have to do is follow the on-screen "step by step" process and provide the requested information and / or photos.
7. The driver must check the information you have provided and the current condition of the vehicle. If the Driver agrees that the information you provided corresponds to the current condition of the car, he must confirm the start of the car rental. If the Driver finds discrepancies, then the information provided by you will be rejected and the additional information provided by the Driver will have to be marked.
8. Congratulations, your reservation has started successfully, the security deposit of the default amount will soon be automatically frozen from the driver's payment card, you do not need to take any further action.
9. Keep in mind that the drivert may have additional questions about your car during the rental. Try to respond to them as soon as possible, thus not only improving the driver’s rental experience, but also increasing the likelihood that the driver will leave positive feedback about you as the car owner, and come back for future trips.
What to do at the end of the reservation period?
1. Meet with the driver. The intended place of return of the car is the same as the place of issue, unless otherwise agreed with the driver;
2. The return of the car must be initiated by the driver from his reservation window, pass this information to the driver if he does not know it;
3. Once the driver has initiated the car return, you will need to click on the red button to in your reservations window to continue the car return process.
4. Thoroughly inspect the car, mark any damages that occurred during the reservation. If any (see the damage guide), fill in the car's odometer data and other requested information;
5. The driver must agree to the information you provide from your booking window. Pass this information on to the driver if they do not know it;
6. Congratulations, after the driver confirms the odometer data, fuel level and new damages, if any, provided by the driver, the car is considered successfully returned and the reservation is completed;
7. We will transfer the money for the reservation to the account specified by you within 2 working days from the end of the rental, you can check the bank account number specified by you here.
Take care and maintain your car regularly

1. Take care of the condition of the car. Before renting out your car, it must be in good technical condition. Pay special attention to faster-wearing parts of the car, such as the brake system, tires, etc.
2. Be sure to update the car damage and flaws information before each reservation (see the damage guide)
3. Keep the car clean both inside and out;
4. Before you start renting out your car, make sure that no personal belongings are left in the car.
5. Think about how you can give the Driver the best possible experience with your car. Provide a universal mobile phone charger and holder. This will help you get better feedback and get more Drivers in the future!

What to do if the Driver falls into an accident during the rental period or the car cannot continue the journey?

1. In this case, you have to take care of the driver and tell them by phone how to proceed.
2. If the car needs to be transported from the scene, we recommend using FALCK roadside assistance +370 661 02 020.