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Become a partner!

Your car - extra income not costs!

Earn extra income by sharing your car with others!


Tired of giving part of your income to pay for your car?
 Become an ADCRent partner and let your car do the work!

How does car sharing work?


• Post your car absolutely for free

Post your car on ADCRent for free. No registration or monthly fees. Employing your car hasn't been easier.

• Set the price and rules

Specify on what days and price your car can be rented. Want to make your car more expensive for the weekend? Or maybe apply a discount for renting your car for a longer period of time? It's all up to you!

• Approve the reservation and hand over the keys to the driver

View all information about the driver including his rating and confirm the reservation. The driverwill arrive to pick up the car keys at a pre-arranged time convinient for you. All you have to do is arrive on time, hand over the keys to the driver and wish them a safe trip!

• Find something to do while your car earns you extra income!

Forget the times when your car was parked unused and kept losing value. Now it works for you! You will receive your money directly to your specified bank account within 2 business days of the end of the trip.



In a case of an insurable accident Your expenses will be 0 Eur!
Insure your car and sleep peacefully. Your car will be insured with each rental, and you can choose the terms and level of insurance according to your needs. ADCRent offers 2 different levels of protection:

•  Individual insurance

Most standard liability and CASCO insurance policies have conditions that prohibit car rental. We will help you to change your existing insurance policies on the most favorable terms so that your car can participate in the rental activity without losing insurance coverage. Individual insurance is the best and cheapest option if you plan to rent your car more than once. If you change your existing insurance policies, you will pay a one-time fee to the insurance company, and you will have insurance coverage until the expiration of these policies. ADCRent will not charge any additional fees for your vehicle insurance in this case. Our insurance partner 'If' determines individually whether the car is eligible for insurance services.

One - off insurances: Insurance coverage is provided by our partner "If" Insurance. One-time insurance is a great choice if you rent a car infrequently or just want to try the ADCRent platform. By choosing this type of insurance, you will pay for the insurance only for the days actually rented, and you will be able to rent the car immediately, without having to wait for your insurance partner to update the terms and conditions of the available insurance policies.

• MAXI one-time insurance

Price 11 Eur/day.
In the event of an insured event, a damage waiver of 300 Eur is applied.

300 Eur damage waiver is covered by the deposit which is frozen from the Drivers (Your customers) bank account when the car pick-up is completed.

In accordance with the rules of our insurance partner's If, drivers
and / or passengers of all one-time policyholders (regardless of the
type of insurance chosen) are insured against accidents.
The sum insured is 10 000 EUR. The insurance covers losses to the car itself, car accessories and personal belongings that are in the car. More information on the
terms if insuring your car can be found here: https://www.if.lt/globalassets/lt/taisykles/automobilio-draudimo-taisykles.pdf




A trustworthy and safe community

We survey and identify all drivers and their documents before they make a car reservation.

Customer support

We will answer any questions you may have, both you and the driver. Customer service works during the day and only through email for now: info@adcrent.com

Two way rating system

After each rental, the car owner evaluates the driver and the driver evaluates the car owner. See more information about the driver and their rating before confirming the reservation.

How much I will earn?

Owner of the car will receive 90% from car rent, additional services and delivery fees sum.

Here is an example:
- You submitted a car and set day rent price 30 Eur.
- You have choosen MAXI insurance variant, which costs 11 Eur/day.
- You also enabled child seat additional service and set price of 3 Eur/day.
- You set that you can deliver a car within 30 km from car home location and it costs 20 Eur.

Driver has made reservation for your car for 4 days. He also chose a child seat as an additional service and delivery within 20 km from the car's home location. The total sum paid by the driver is 180 Eur.

- Car rent price 30 Eur * 4 days, total 120 Eur
- Insurance 11 Eur * 4 days, total 44 Eur (The insurance is paid by the Driver)
- Child seat 3 Eur * 4 days, total 12 Eur
- Delivery total 20 Eur
Final sum: 196 Eur

After the car rent period, the owner of the car will receive 136.80 Eur (90% of 152 Eur which consists of the car rental fee (120 Eur), the child seat (12 Eur), and the delivery services (20 Eur)).

Have any questions?

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Become a partner!

Your car - extra income not costs!