ADCRent Car rental platform

About us

The ADCRent page has changed significantly. We are expanding our operations and creating a community where car owners will be able to earn extra income by sharing their car, and people looking to rent a car will have access to a much wider choice of cars at a fraction of the cost.

One of the biggest benefits of the new platform is the time you will save. You will only need to upload all the required documents once when creating a Driver's account. The next time you book a car, you only need a few clicks and you will be able to rent a car from the ever-growing community of car owners.

ADCRent has been renting a car in the territory of Vilnius Airport for more than 13 years. Our main focus has always been and will be on the customer and his experience in using our services. We are proud that in the last year, the world's largest online car rental booking company, have recognized us 3 times as the best customer-rated car rental company in Vilnius.

We are the only ones at Vilnius Airport to offer a self-service system that allows you to issue cars in a contactless manner, including signing a contract, issuing and collecting keys and documents at the end of your rental period.

ADCRent also has its own car preparation and cleaning center, which allows to prepare cars for customers in a high-quality, timely and inexpensive manner.

ADCRent is a platform where you can rent any car you want, anywhere you want in Lithuania, right from the car owner. When you reserve a car, you will be sure that you will drive this particular car during the rental.
Car owners, in turn, can employ their own property, thus not only covering the cost of maintaining the car, but also earning extra money.

By renting a car through ADCRent directly from the hands of the car owner, you will not only save, but also contribute to the preservation of the environment. The ADCRent car-sharing platform contributes to the EU's Green Course initiative by promoting resource efficiency.

The activities of ADCRent are similar to the most popular housing sharing platforms, only in our case you can safely and directly rent a car from the owner's hands instead of housing.